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The Yard MUTT Features


"MODULAR" Utility Tool Trailer: *Flexibility....The whole idea behind the trailer was to have something that was able to morph into whatever was needed to go where ever it was needed. Like any good outfit, the ability to change at any given moment to fit any occasion, dressed up or down is key.


TILT BRACKET: Being able to take any piece of equipment, from point "A" to point "B", which doesn't need to be lifted, carried or dragged to a given spot on ones property, saves time and energy. The convenient tilt bracket for the dump bed makes it so easy to take any piece of equipment with you.


SIZE: Geared towards residential use, the overall size makes it a great addition to any garage. It's footprint, when upright, makes storage easy and with great maneuverability can be used behind most vehicular devices one already has, like a garden/lawn tractor, ATV, or even a golf cart!


I borrowed my neighbors mutt to fix some areas of dead grass in my yard and was able to take everything I needed….a rototiller, spreader with seed and fertilizer, a bale of straw, shovels, hoes, rakes, whatever and moved around the yard quickly. The mutt saved me time and made the job so much easier to do. I need to get one of my own!

I bought my yard mutt to help with my garden and yard work but found it works for whatever needs to be done. Recently I built a gazebo in my back yard and was able to get my generator, saw horses, saws, tools and lumber back to the site without making dozens of trips to the garage. When it was built I used it to haul all my paint gear (ladders. tarps, paint, etc.) to finish it up. Looks great! Love my mutt!

I used my yard mutt, today, to trim out my tree line and was able to take everything with me. There was room for a wheelbarrow, chain saw, pruners of all sizes, weed wacker, leaf blower, etc. I was ready for whatever task I needed to do without running back and forth to the garage to get something I had forgotten to take with. Love my yard mutt!