How difficult is it to put the Yard MUTT together?

There’s one main bolt that connects the tongue to the trailer base. A rod slips through a bracket under the trailer becoming the axel with a spacer to be placed on the rod before the tire is mounted. Once the tire is put into place, secure with a cotter pin. The trailer is now ready for any of the options you choose to add, such as the box frames, the detachable handle, the bucket ring, or whatever hitch you decide to use. The side rails just slip into place and you’re ready to go. Alot of the hardware is already in place, or secured to an item so there’s so hide and seek with the nuts and bolts.

What kind of hitch do I need?

The Yard MUTT’s tongue allow for a hitch pin to be used right off the bat. If there is a need to be used with a ball, it’s just a matter of removing the front section of the tongue and handle, placing the ballhitch onto the tongue and resetting the handle into the one additional hole available right behind the now attached ball hitch. This option allows the Yard MUTT to be used behind a garden tractor/mower, an ATV or even a golf cart.

How much space is needed to store the Yard MUTT?

Since the trailer stands up on end, the physical dimensions are 42″-43″ in width and about 20″ in depth. When storing the Yard MUTT in this fashion, we suggest that one anchors it to a wall bracket or hook with a bungee cord for safety. The side rails can either be stored behind the Yard MUTT or can easily be hung on the wall.

I see that it can be customized. What is the need for it?

Not everyones yard or project needs are the same, as well as the type of vehicle being used for transport could be more high powered. The one-size fits all doesn’t allow flexibility in meeting the users need for a heavier weight capacity trailer, larger tires, additional grip clips, etc. Custom color is also available to those who want to coordinate the MUTT with the pieces of equipment they may have.

What was the driving force behind the creation of the Yard MUTT?

Age! As I get older, I still love doing outside projects but I needed a means to get everything I needed to the site the first time around. I found that I wasn’t wasting my time and energy chasing after something I forgot back in the garage. The project went quicker from start to finish.


I also noticed with the economy on the decline over these past years, more and more people were taking care of their own yards, as well as doing their own outdoor projects. As a matter of fact, we talked with some of these people to get feedback on if there was a perfect trailer to help them around their property what were their needs. It has gone through some changes from the initial trailer, but we’re very proud of the end results. We hope you are too!

As a side note: We’re all about safety at bre-jac llc and encourage everyone who uses the Yard MUTT to take the time and read the warning label, especially securing all items before transport. This means to be aware that additional bungee cords or straps maybe needed while in use.