Yard MUTT Bucket Sling


“Bucket Sling”…An accessory that enhances the use and versatility of the Yard Mutt.


The flexible canvas bucket sling allows the Yard Mutt to carry yard and garden debris, such as leaves, sticks/branches/wood scraps from lawns and seasonal plant removal from garden/flower beds, while carrying all the necessary tools for any chosen task.

It comes in 2 separate pieces.

  1. 3 Sided Bucket…when containment is desired with an open end.
  2. Removable End Flap…when total containment is desired for smaller items in volume such as leaves, plantings, etc.

When attached, it hangs inside the frame/rails of the Yard Mutt, allowing tools, etc. to be carried without interfering with their placement. The approx. size is: 36″wide x 48″long x 34″in height.

Velcro tabs and ties make it an easy on and off. They keep the bucket in position when filling and in transport.

The canvas, used in construction, gives the sling flexibility in allowing itself to be placed over existing items on the bed/platform of the Yard Mutt. It folds up neatly for storage and is easy to shake out or to launder if needed.

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 20 x 20 x 20 in


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