The Yard MUTT Disclaimer


  • Do not transport live cargo
  • Not intended for road use
  • Secure all items before engaging transport
  • To be used with appropriate vehicular equipment (tractor/mower,ATV, etc.)
  • Weight capacity 600 lbs.

We at bre-jac, llc are always concerned with safety. We want everyone to know that this is NOT a toy and should be treated as any other piece of equipment you own. The intent was to make a variety of home projects/tasks more efficent and easier to accomplish. It is a product that we intended to be used behind a garden/lawn mowing tractor, ATV or even a golf cart. If a larger motorized vehicle is to be used and a larger weight capacity is needed, we can customize it to fit your exclusive needs. For example, if there’s a need to off road the trailer, back into wooded areas or fields where the ground is questionable, we can accomodate with a mutt that will perform those specific tasks. We also want you to be aware that additional bungee cord and/or straps maybe needed to make sure that all items are secure before transport. As with any piece of equipment behind a motorized vehicle, please beware of your surroundings and watchful of any children playng nearby. We will not be held liable for not following the warnings or using common sense.

We thank you for your purchase and hope that it becomes one of your most loved and used pieces of equipment in your garage, as it has ours.